The AMD graphics cards are in innovation in the graphics field, or at least they were. These cards were originally designed to be installed in workstations for experts needing extreme processing and extreme graphics. Applications for these cards include for CAM, CAD, and making Games and VR programs. With these AMD graphic cards you can upgrade PC Gaming Optimisation. AMD graphics cards work harder and quicker than typical consumer card, but that does not make it the top cards for high end-Gamers.

AMD FirePro Cards:

AMD FirePro cards are designed for really heavy workloads, not just only gaming. For instance, AMD had 3 FirePro W600 graphics cards powering 25k square foot high definition display in NY City’s time square. It would have taken several more consumer cards to do even a portion of that half acre display. AMD FirePro line has many different items lines within this branded name. Their latest one is the WX series, specially designed of professionals and workstations. These cards along with other AMD FirePro cards are optimized & certified for leading works apps from AMD. This allows designers and engineers and artists to their top work with extremely rapid graphics, creating their workflow quicker. AMD FirePro cards use the graphics core Next architecture from AMD, and are regularly to make waves in the graphics planet, that is until Radeon cards were introduced earlier this year.

AMD Radeon cards:

AMD Radeon cards have managed to keep retain their popularity by offering brilliant performance mid range and high and cards. One particular card you might wish to look into is the XF-Radeon RX 480-GTR. This AMD Radeon card comes built with detachable fan that you can change or upgrade whenever the requirement arises,  a top performance heatsink, unibody that improve thermal efficiency by 40 percent, enhanced VRM and memory cooling & FinFet 15nm technology for enhanced efficiency and improved processing power.

If your PC runs on Windows 10 you’ll be happy to know this graphics card arrives with Windows 10 support. On top of this AMD card is also compatible with latest DirecrX-12 technology, making sure you can play all your newest games, without having a software compatibility problems.

There are other AMD graphics cards that are value for money considering such as the AMD Vega 56. This card is excellent for 1080P and 1440P gaming at high to ultra settings. AMD advertise this cards as a card that will assist your personal Computer immersed in any VR gaming that you might have.