The very 1st iPad was introduced on January 2010 by Steve Jobs; apparently, Steve had been working on it since before Apple committed itself to the iPhone. Measuring 9.7 inches-diagonally, it had a 1024×768 Pixel-resolution and arrives with iOS 5.1.1. It was a bigger success, with Apple selling millions of items in 2 months. The thinner, lighter, faster, curvier iPad2 was unveiled in 2011 and added rear and front cameras so users could start images with their tablets.

The iPad3 and the iPad4 were released in March and October 2012. Improved the slates internal specifications but also boosted the screen resolution to 2048×1536 pixels, the similar as the newest iPad Air2. The tablets were remaining getting lighter and thinner but sales were plateauing. Apple required a different iPad trick to win over a new swathe of the purchaser.

iPad mini (2012-2015)

And the trick was iPad-mini. Once hailed as the savior of the iPad line. The small versions had recently been squeeze-out of favor by smart phones that are getting bigger and bigger. We saw our 1st iPad Mini in Oct in 2012, introduced beside the iPad4 and offering 1021×768 pixels extend across a 7.9-inch display. The very next year it got a major upgrade, with the intro of Retina Display. Since that huge spec bump, Apple looks to have lost interest: iPad Mini3 introduced in 2014.

iPad Air (2013-2014)

The 1st iPad Air was strictly speaking the iPad5, but it is shaved one more 2mm off thickness and Apple decided to rebadge it. It was shown off to the Planet by Tim-Cook in Oct 2013. The display size stayed the similar from the iPad4, though the internal components did receive an upgrade, and there was the extra-thinness mentioned before. The Side bezel decreased in size too, creating the 1st true cosmetic design change for the iPad since the iPad2. The most latest iPad Air is the iPad Air2, introduced back in Oct 2014. This part of the iPad line up did not get a refresh this year.

iPad Pro (2015)

The Biggest story of that year is, of course, is that the iPad pro shown off at the start of September with much fanfare from Apple and its executives on stage at Bill-Graham-Civic-Auditorium. Like the Mini, it is aiming to revitalize flagging iPad-sales, but it had gone on the wrong side in term of size. The display measures a bigger 12.9-inches from corner to corner for start, while the resolution is 2732×2048 pixels. It arrives with latest A9X-CPU that Apple says is about 3x faster than the original iPad-Air and 5x the graphics power.

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