Firefox browser continues to be a key player in the web-browser empire, holding an extreme market share. The browser has garnered high-praise from developer and users alike, carries with a cult like following. Few users of Mozilla Firefox browser App tend to be very loving about their browser option that optimize computer speed, and this is perhaps most evident when looking at things like this Mozilla Firefox crop circle.

Where the History Began

September 2002, there was the release of Phoenix 0.1. Phoenix web browser that would ultimately develop into recognized as Firefox in later introduces, started like a stripped-down version of the web-browser we know today. Phoenix did contain tabbed browsing and download manager that were far from commonplace in the browser at that time. A later version was made available to beta testers, the improvement began to arrive in bunches. By the Phoenix, v0.3 was released in Oct 2002.

Playing the Name Game

After many months of polishing the fixing bugs and existing features, Mozilla ran into a roadblock with the name of the browser in 2003. The 1st release below the browser’s new moniker, Firebird-0.6, became the 1st version available for Macintosh-OS X in addition to Windows, providing the Mac community a taste of what was to come. May 2003, version 0.6 released the extremely popular Clear-Private-Data feature and also included a new default theme.

The Saga Continues

An open source relational-database project in existence at the time bore the Firebird label as-well. After initial resistance from Mozilla, the database development community eventually used enough pressure to promote yet one more name change for the browser. For the 2nd and the final time, the browser’s name was officially changed from Firebird to Mozilla Firefox in Feb 2004. Over the next month’s intermediate versions to released to address few remaining security-glitches and defects as-well-as to introduce features such as skill to import favorites.

Mozilla’s Firefox Browser: It’s Official!

After 2 release candidates were presented on Oct 27 and Nov 3, the much anticipated official launch lastly happened in Nov. 2004. Mozilla Firefox 1.0 available in thirty-one languages was well received by publically. Mozilla Firefox even raised money many of donors to promote the launch.

Firefox, Part Deux

The browser underwent more new features and changes were regularly added since that day in late 2004.  The next decade saw a litany of changes in the Mozilla browser realm most notably web standard, mobile browsing becoming a regular activity for much of the population, as-we-as Firefox continues to be a key player in the industry, offering newly features and improving existing functionality or regular basis.