Instagram first launched on 6 October 2010, derived its name from the mixture of instant camera and telegram, starting with over 1 million monthly users, the photo sharing application found itself with uploaded images by July 2011 and over 10 million users in September of that similar year. In 2012, the Instagram announced passing the over 30 million users mark. That similar month, Facebook bought the application for one billion dollars, its 3rd largest acquisition to date. From that point, Instagram sky rocketed. It reached over 80 million monthly users after the acquisition and closely the double to that, Instagram had over 500 million users at the end of 2016.

Instagram’s exceptional climb in popularity is partly attributable to the Facebook buying, though the vital step company took in 2013 also provided the application a boost. The Instagram’s ability to add retro-chic to digital images through filters that distort color and make a Polaroid effect has seen it adopted by limitless celebrities.  Instagram introduced photo tagging and photos of you a new tab on a users profile with a collection of each image he/she tagged in. Photo tagging also extended to brands, a business friendly move that reputedly led to boost sales.

Continuing on its path to becoming more popular, Instagram made it simpler to share posts by adding links to embed images and videos. With this features, people can show Instagram material as it was meant to be seen, by easily copying and pasting an embed link into an article or on a site. This was a great move for Instagram, as it bringing users to share material elsewhere and potentially drive traffic to Instagram.

When the Facebook starting incorporating natural looking ads within the application. Because users were not applied ads, Facebook decided to start with a just handful of appealing, high-quality images and videos from a few brands. After this, within a month, this approach proved the successful as 5 percent of ads led to likes by users.

Instagram also added a private chat service for the users to send private images and videos to one another users. Before this, the single mean of communication was totally publicly through comments and likes. Now people can send martial privately to as-many-as fifteen users’ people applying the direct message button. Users can write subtitle for the photos they’re sending and, after sending photos, they can regular the chat underneath the images.

Since its birth in 2010, Instagram has made enormous strides in the globe of social-media. 6 years ago, not several people used or even knew of the image and video sharing social-network application that lets you customize your photos with filters. But now millions of users use Instagram to connect with each other via visual communication and social-interaction.

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